Classroom Grants

Classroom Grants provide valuable resources for our local public schools. On an annual basis, the foundation provides support to educators on a district-
wide level for high impact, academically proven projects with solid implementation and evaluation plans. Funding priorities are:

  • To provide tools for teachers, with an emphasis on technology and science
  • To support art and music in classrooms
  • To enhance community and parental involvement in our schools

“The goal of having students with intellectual disabilities learning how to become independent is my main goal. With the support of the Education Foundation I was able to see this happen through their support of our greenhouse. Students were caring for various plants and hanging baskets as a result of their financial support. This care will ultimately generalize to other areas in their lives. I love seeing the students faces as they discover that they can have in imprint upon the world that they live in and not have to live out their lives as young adults stuck with a disability.” -Robert Tadjiki, Life Skills Teacher, Bend Senior High School.

2013 Classroom Grant Awards
2012 Classroom Grant Awards