Classroom Grants – The Impact

The 2022-23 Back to School Classroom Grant program awarded $50,000 to teachers in our K-12 schools in Bend, La Pine and Sunriver!

Classroom Grants provide valuable resources for our local public schools.  Through this program, the Foundation provides financial and resource support to public school educators on a district-wide level for high impact, academically proven, innovative projects with solid implementation and evaluation plans in the areas of STEM, art, music, and wellness.  We serve to bridge the gap between the educational community and the business community in Bend, La Pine, and Sunriver.

Donated funds pay for innovative programs not mandated or funded by the state or district, but which support a quality, equitable education that challenges students and enhances learning.  State funding for education is inadequate for many K-12 enrichment programs and resources are limited for funding of innovative programs.  The Foundation receives NO money from State or Federal governments or agencies.  We are 100% funded from private funding.  The Foundation directly supports hands-on student programs, purchasing equipment and materials, funding visiting artists and scientists and providing an opportunity for educators to provide learning that meets real world needs and student interests.  Funding priorities are for high-need schools (Title 1 or high percentage of students on Free & Reduced Meals program) and programs that have a strong connection to BLS curriculum goals and State standards.