Why We Exist

Mission Statement

The Education Foundation for the Bend-La Pine Schools prepares our students for success and the future through exceptional educational and extracurricular opportunities.

Simply put, the Education Foundation:

Engages the community in our students’ success

  • In the classroom – The Foundation secures funds to provide tools for teachers to enhance formal learning through classroom grants
  • On the field – Provides activity fee scholarships to students to ensure participation in sport and club activities for learning in informal settings
  • Equitable school experience – Provides funds to students and classrooms that have the greatest need
  • For our community – Student success leads to community success

Vision Statement

Our programs help create equity for all of our students through access to teacher grants that enhance the classroom experience, and to need-based scholarships that pay for fees and supplies for activities outside the classroom. We collaborate with education leaders and other community organizations to bring creative and innovative programming to Bend La- Pine Schools. Our efforts positively impact every student in the district.