Education Foundation Awards Perseverance Scholarships to Graduating Seniors

As it has every year since 2015 the Education Foundation for Bend-La Pine Schools has awarded Perseverance in Academics Awards with scholarships to BLS seniors graduating this year. This year there were awards given to 17 seniors to pursue their college education plans. Awards were given out at every high school in BLS, including Skyline, Realms and Bend Tech Academy. This program, which was started in 2015 by former Board member Cheri Helt, recognizes students who have exhibited true perseverance (also known as grit, determination, dedication and persistence) to make it to high school graduation and have plans for their future. Often these high school youth have faced difficult life issues and overcome obstacles. They have shown courage, resilience and perseverance while remaining dedicated to their dreams. Students are nominated by their school counselor and principal and receive a scholarship to continue “training for their future” by attending college or trade school. Funds are issued directly to the appropriate college or trade school by the Education Foundation.