It Takes a Village…

The term “It takes a village” is a proverb that leverages the cultural context and belief that it takes an entire community to raise a child. A child has the best ability to become a healthy adult if the entire community takes an active role in contributing to the rearing of the child. The Education Foundation Board is a group of highly dedicated community citizens who exemplify this proverb by supporting our “village”.

Recently the Foundation had the privilege of recognizing two of our board members for their commitment and dedication to the Foundation. We are extremely grateful to Pamela Armstrong and Jim Boss for giving of their time and talents to support our schools and our community!

Pamela Armstrong, Designer at Pamela Armstrong Design Studio, served on the Education Foundation Board from 2009-2016. During her time on the board she served as President, Resource Development Chair, Trivia Bee Chair, and served on the Allocations Committee. Prior to joining the Education Foundation Pamela had been actively involved in her children’s schools and wanted to broaden her involvement to the entire district.

Volunteering for the Education Foundation has been a compelling experience for Pamela. Knowing that she is contributing to the lives of students and teachers is rewarding. “The number of innovative classroom grant applications speaks to the dedication and ingenuity of teachers in this district — and that is inspiring.” Said Pamela.

“It has been a privilege and pleasure to work with the board members and staff these 7 years…I will miss that.” shared Pamela.
Pamela Armstrong receiving award
Fun tidbits about Pamela:
Which fictional character was most like you? “Wow, I am a voracious reader and I imagine myself in every story…Hermione Granger comes to mind because I was, as a student, enthusiastic about learning, and was that annoying kid with her hand in the air at every opportunity.”
What’s your favorite pizza? “Officially: Vegetables, pesto and fresh mozzarella on a thin crust. Unofficially: Hawaiian.”

Jim Boss, Vice President, Senior Financial Advisor with U.S. Bancorp Investments was first exposed to the Education Foundation at the Principal of The Day event, Friday Nov 30th 2012. Jim is currently in his fourth year on the board and is the Resource Development Chair, he chaired the 2016 Trivia Bee, and serves on the Allocations Committee where he was integral in the review and disbursement of classroom grants.

Jim recently shared with us his motivation to serve on the Education Foundation board. “I have been fortunate to have many good role models in my lifetime. One of which was my uncle. His life was cut severely short, due to cancer, in late 2010. As we celebrated his life, I learned how involved he was in his community and that was impressive to me. This served as motivation to develop a more formal personal purpose. I value education and sports and as a result my personal purpose is to advance my community in these areas.”

Jim Boss with Award
Fun tidbits about Jim:
Which fictional character do you believe is the most like yourself? and why? “Alex P. Keaton; yes, of Family Ties. I share his passion for economics and the drive to build and protect wealth. Although I have never owned a large portrait of Ronald Reagan; nor, would I consider hanging it above my fireplace. I do share some of their (Alex & Ron) conservative values. “
What is your perfect pizza? “Thin crust, red sauce with a bias toward sausage (vs. pepperoni) along with gentle handful of mushroom and black olive action.” Read More

2017-2018 Grant Recipients

Congratulations to all the 2017-2018 Teacher Grant Recipients! We awarded over $53,000 in innovative classroom grants to teachers in the Bend-La Pine School District! We are excited to see all these amazing grants in action in the next school year!

2017.18 Classroom Grants Award list